Pastor Kevin White

2 Sermons

The Jericho Project

The main goal of a Jericho Project outreach is not to fill your church with hundreds of people for a one night event and have no lasting fruit, but to create an atmosphere where we can prepare your church community with the tools they need to invite their friends and family out to an event that will capture their attention. We share our personal testimonies of how God has radically changed our lives in hope that God will touch their hearts. Our event is designed to fill "A" seat, we want to see the fruit of the outreach in the form of new church members in your community. We do not believe that big hype and a "flash in the pan" mentality will grow the church. We know that relationship is key and we do our best to show your community how to use relationship as a means to impact the city. We have seen tens of thousands of first time salvations and have seen amazing moves of God over the years. We prayerfully expect to see a move of God every where we go. This is more than an outreach, it is the start of a movement.

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