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Good morning. If that music don't make you up, I give up. Uh and I especially like that Someone Oh, three. Never heard that. No. Yeah, it's the whole psalms that saved me from leading the whole psalms. Some of you may not know me. My wife and I are one of the missionaries Arch Support. We packed up our tuller kids and from Denver, Colorado, and moved to Tempe. And this was our home church. That was almost ready. We just finished thirty three years of ministry at Arizona State University. Our mission field is international students R a t. We have fifteen thousand international starting from one hundred and forty some nations, and God is doing some amazing things for me. A second old guy Get going out with college two students and get paid. It's a crime, but people are coming to faith in Christ. We're having a lot of Chinese scholars come these days. Last Friday, we had about seventy taurel on ly to believers. All the rest are people in their different walkoff life. We have eighty years. We are agnostics. You have Buddhist, we have Hindus. We are Muslims. They have unclaimed. But my take is God loves you and you mess around with God's word for about ninety minutes, God will change you and got his students, um, great things. A year ago, God brought a Chinese scholar lady. She was a professor in Shanghai, and when she came to a sushi, brought her eleven year old daughter. They didn't. They had never seen a copy of the Bible before. Never heard the name Jesus through some mutual friends. They came to our Bible study. They faithfully came and then she came to me. The mother came to me and said, You know, I need help. I need to sell my car on These scholars are only a race You for eleven months, she said, I need help selling my car. So I helped there and I said, Next Friday's your last Friday you need to come, but I will come and pick you out since you don't have a car. So I went over to the apartment complex and she opened the door and got in. The daughter got in the back seat and she said, I am so lucky. My car is sold, and before Mom finished our sentence, I'm so lucky the eleven year old daughter stopped it and said, Mom is no luck is Jesus. Why be a Christian? Because you have someone to thank. If you're an atheist, if you are a diagnostic, you had to time. Good luck at the very most when good things happen to you. The scriptures say is all that has bread. Praise the Lord gods. Common grace is being experienced by even people who deny you say citizens. I reminded us. Some scholars laugh Friday night when God since sunshine, God doesn't send it to on ly to his children. But everybody is the beneficiary of God. Sunset when God since Lorraine all people experience it's benefit. So in all practical reality, every one who has spread should praise God. But for you and me, as God's people, our times giving must elevate into a new level because we are the ultimate beneficiary off his favor. More than any people, Amen. Someone or three is a song of Thanksgiving as David reflects on his life and asking himself to praise and blows his name. Look at what's one. Praise the Lord. All my soul, all my inmost being praise his Holy name. All my soul refers to the summer's cell for his personhood. All my inmost being. All some translation would say. All that is within me refers to the warriors organs of the body, which were regarded by the Hebrew associate of thought Will, an emotion. David is summoning all of the faculties, office existence and the power of his being to unite in praise Jehovah, Look at where it's due. Praise the Lord, All my soul and forget. Not all his benefits the bird When benefits Here lonely means actions of God, Work of God. Another word will be favor of God. We experience every day and time is given to God is a good thing to practice the Apostle Paul I see right to the Christians and Tussle America First Thessalonians five eighteen, their possible says give times in all things or in all circumstances, for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus Philippians, Chapter four. We're six. It says, Do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition. And then comes the Q word with Thanksgiving. Present your request to God, but I don't know about you, but often we allowed a circumstances off life to create a sense of pessimism. Are you with me serious? We allow the circumstances of life to create a sense ofthe pessimism in our life. And I used to have a little bulletin. Somebody said I want to be an optimist, but I'm not sure if it works. Some of you catching a little slow. One of the craziest for the most dangerous job I ever had was when I was in college in nineteen seventy one, the summer of nineteen, seventy one and seventy two. I was selling books for a publishing company called Southwestern Publishing Up Billy in Paducah, Kentucky, and Evans Will, Indiana. It's an eighty hours a week job. You go door to door no Kanaan people stores trying to sell and then sell commedia what, ninety nine dollars and in nineteen seventy one ninety nine dollars is a lot of money. And I was having a really tough week. Hot and humid, it was on a Friday. And my roommate dropped me off at a junction. Then I had to walk and start selling books and an old man in a wheelchair. He had no legs. He was all in his own wheels and it was a convenience store. And he saw me and he said, How you doing, young man? Can I say horrible? I didn't give the patent American answer. Say I'm fine, you know, even on your way to suicide, Somebody ask us how you doing? Fine. We are always find. But I said horrible. And then he said this When you get up in the morning, if you could put both feet on the ground, it's a good day. See an attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions once expressed. It changes attitude. Brighton's outlook on life and broadens our perspective. Someone well said. And I quote, It's a funny thing about life. Once you begin to take note off the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the thing you lack. Praise springs us closer to him and broadens our perspective off life. Often we are quick to use the nine hundred eleven spiritual name will run to pray for after and we are ungrateful to come to God and say thank you. It looked up to seventeen. You know, the story of the ten lepers came to Jesus and Jesus healed all of him. But only one came back to time. Jesus and in looked up to seventeen. Worst nine. Jesus asked the question. Were not all ten healed? Where are the nine? Psychology today had an article about the benefits off a thankful heart and he says, a time full heart on attitude of gratitude changes, perspective of life, facilitate contentment, gratitude promotes physical health. Studies suggest that attitude of gratitude. Cubs to lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and make us less bother. Bye. Aches and pains, an attitude of gratitude enhance asleep. And I struggle with sleep, maybe need to practice more gratitude, gratitude, ascendance relationship, she asked Christians, we don't much to be grateful for. And Thanksgiving God is a good cure for spiritual apathy. Few things, this song. One off live. Where is this wonder if I, even though it sounds so easy to read and his family to us? Once I began to study, it took me a lot, a lot of time to figure out what David is really trying to communicate as a preacher. One of things I am very sensitive is to be true to the Scripture. We call her Manu Dicks, interpreting the scripture and treating or studying the scripture. One of the hardest thing is to know what did the other intended to communicate when he wrote that and psalms are hotter because it is point three. A lot of figuring the language being used. So bear with me. Number one as believers in Christ, Why be a Christian? Because only Christians experience the favor of God's forgiveness. It says, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. Forgiveness is a sin is what it means to be a Christian is all about. It's a big deal. We don't realize that because forgiveness of sin has an eternal consequence. When we accept Jesus Christ into our life, That's our savior and our lord our. Since I've forgiven heavens rejoice and we are justified on our names are written in the Book of Life. Damn woman. When we receive Christ into our life a whole lot of Angela to place which we are not aware off on one of it is Our names were written in the Book of Life and one is written and it's sealed. And it would be only open when Jesus returned second. Guardians fight only one, Paul safe. Jesus, Who knew no sin became sin so that in him we might be made. I just c one could have everything in this world can offer. But if you haven't experienced the forgiveness of sin, you are eternally seperated from God. What is this life? Cumber to eternity. That's why Jesus has to question. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world? It loses his soul. What can a man give in exchange for his soul? Forgiveness of sin is an eternal matter because it is the issue of the soul. Forgiveness, ascent, registers of name. And it is the greatest miracle on Earth. One of the people Christian People group I cannot stand is the Christian miracle workers. And ah, you know what I'm talking about the televangelist. You know, we could talk about miracles, and miracles are important. But do you know the greatest miracle? It is the moment Jesus Christ came into your life. Would we get that in? Looked after ten. Jesus sends out seventy two and gave them supernatural power for the day. It was a spiritual field trip. Jesus said, You know what? I'm going. I'm going to give you special anointing. You could cast out demons. You could ask the mountains taboo. Everything will be done. And it was a great day for the seventy two. And in worse seventeen stays, the seventy two returned with joy and said to Jesus Lord, even the demons up into us in your name. And was Tony, Jesus replied, Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you but with Joyce that your names are written in the Book of Life. Forgiveness of sin. It's an eternal matter. Forgiveness are saying it's a practical matter, a multi billion dollar industry in the United States guilt. The Muslim pilgrim aged to Mecca. The Jewish trip to the Wailing Wall. People from all over the nation's come to my land, India, to be bait in the filthy water of River Ganges all cry out to us that guilt Israel shame is experienced in matters after love it. Where's the stony? Eight to thirty Jesus, it come to me all. You are weary and burdened. I will give you rest for your soul, My opus Easy. My burden is like most likely Bible scholars think. Jesus offs. Watching the very sincere Jewish people come into the Wailing Wall and hearing their head for pardon of sin. But for a believer in Christ, for you and me, our past, our present and our future since and failures are paid in full at the finish work. Oh, Christ. Living in the sawn off guilt robs your joy as a Christian, the late Dr David Simons, their past or a missionary counselor. I wrote many books and one of things, he said, and I quote, I am convinced that the basic cause of some of the most disturbing emotional and spiritual problems which trouble evangelical Christians, you and me is the failure to receive and live loud guards unconditional grace in forgiveness. When Jesus died on the cross. When Jesus said it is finished, the word is tell us. Tied, paid in full All the sins from beginning of time to the end of time is paid in full. In someone of three verses, eleven told, David says. For us, the heavens are about the earth. So great is his love for those who fear him as far as the East East won the West. So far, he has mood. Our transgressions from us was Corrie ten Boom, who said he buries our sin in the bottom of the ocean and put up a sign saying No fishing. But unfortunately we go back two fish from the past. There's ah! A great deal of misunderstanding. Mm. Many Christians. Which is the abuse ofthis Joan one night. You know, that was if you confess your sin, God is faithful and just to forgive us on this Scripture is used out of contest before communion and he was displayed us. If you confess, God forgives. Which sounds okay, but it is bad to your holiday. The book offers. Joan is all about fellowship. Forgiveness. Confession is not to receive forgiveness. God forgives us at the finish work of Christ and all my sins of the past, present and future He's paid in full. Confession is not to receive forgiveness. Confession is to feel forgiven. His confession significant surely. And I remember. Why do you find? Forget to confess. What is my confession wasn't really sincere. Beloved. Why be a Christian? Because of our salvation. Our sensei forgiven. We are made perfect if you taking notes. Hebrews, eleven Hebrew stand eleven to fourteen is a passage. Forgiveness of sin changes our identity and purpose in Christ because of our relationship. It Christ, We are children of God. We are something daughters of the heavenly Father. He gives us a new identity. We become the sort and light for his glory. We become ambassadors for Christ. We are living epistles to be read by people. Secondly, the favour ofthe healing second part of worst these days and heels your diseases. I struggled with this, trying to figure out what they were exactly talking about. There's a little on a spiritual meaning to it. Literally speaking, God is able to heal any physical sickness. Even when medical doctors give up and we have seen it, Maybe some of you have experienced it, and we call it a miracle. He's the God of Miracle and chooses to heal people physically for his glory. God on medical communities are not in competition after all. Look who wrote the gospel. It was a medical doctor. Do it around me thirty to thirty nine, it says. See, now that I myself, um he there is no God beside me. I put to that and bring the life. I'm wounded and I will heal and no one can deliver out of my hand the Hebrew word David use here. Diseases in Worst three appears five times in the Old Testament, and every time this word is referred to physical disease anyone who receives physical affliction can't thank God for the recovery. Many doctors will admit that even though they used medication, their expertise, it is ultimately gonna who heals. But as far as biblical history records, David never suffered from an incurable disease to the best we know off. They would slide clearly demonstrate that sin can be responsible for physical ailments. In some thirty two, three and four, they would say when I kept silent about my sin, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long For day and night your hand was heavy upon me. My string I was trapped as in the heat of the summer. God is capable of healing any sickness. Sometimes he does sometimes he chooses not to, but a spiritual point of view. The greatest sickness of mankind is not that a physical brother, that is the very children. Nice, fifty three. We're six days. We all like shit. How gone Astray in each has turned to his own way. And the Lord has laid on him the iniquity office. All this is a psalm regarding prophecy regarding the birth of Christ and his death. Our diseases of confusion like sheep are diseases ofthe independency. Just tend to his own way on DH, I say is predicting through Jesus. We've been healed, but look worse. Five days he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought us peace was upon him and by his wounds we are healed. Faith healers uses thiss words. This is the Reverend Butter, but that's their healing. Talking about hearing Isaiah has nothing to do with physical healing. Hiss wounds brought us peace with God, and that's the healing is a spiritual healing. In the Book of Genesis, God said, You are free to eat from any tree in the garden except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What did God say when you eat off it, you will surely die. That was not a physical death, but the death to a relationship. So when David talks about God healing all off our diseases, he could be referring to healing a broken relationship that took place in the Garden of Eden. And one who acknowledges this sacrificial death of Christ is healed into a reconcile relationship with him. Thirdly, the favor of salvation and a better phrase would be my second thought. This was done. Power point was done two weeks ago. Time had to do it before she went to whistle. But the more I thought about instead of salvation, the world protection maybe a better one because, he say's who redeems your life from the pit what pit good day would be referring to. Peter spiritual despair. When sickness seemed to be mortal. When danger threatens, God redeems, God protects. David may be referring to his physical salvation for deliverance from the hand. Oh, King Saul. Baby baby, referring to gas deliverance from the emotional turmoil. Even true, it could be as physical pit of danger. Or it could be an emotional pit. They may be referring to God's deliverance from the emotional turmoil he went through his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, his son. Amen. Raping his half sister, his son Absalom, turning against him. It was a very dysfunctional family. Missed up just like us. But from a spiritual perspective, David may be referring to his relationship with God. When you read some fifty one, The agony of defeat is wass felt by David. He felt like God had forsaken him. Seeing God rescues us from the impact off our circumstances and elevate us into a place of honor. Psychologists would say. We live in a society that like to pass the responsibility to someone else, isn't it? We didn't come out with that. Adam and Eve started it. The blanket psychologists would say, If you got messed up, Yeah, it's because of what happened in the past. But that may be true. It may not be true. God could miraculously deliver us from the pit and elevators. Into a place of sanity. Last night, my wife and I were having didn't with somebody and they wanted to know my story. And if you can imagine the most this functional family, that's my family. Like in India. I have three brothers who died of alcoholism. My younger brother took his life years ago. Ah, messed up totally, mister. But for some reason, God brought me here. And gave me new life. And I'm I'm saying this. Not to brag about me, but to elevate this principle. He redeemed so life in the pit and conscious. With joy and lo and compassion. People who know me then. They cannot believe who I am today. No Isis nor years. How hurt what God can do. In the life of his children. We worship him? Why be a Christian? Because he bless us. With glory the favor of glory. Look, it was for second part on DH grounds. You, with Lau and compassion Crown speak of glory, and God has a way off elevating his people. First. I'm all tapped to Where's the seven and a say's. The Lord sends poverty and wealth. He humbles and exalts. He waste the poor from the dust and lift the needy from the ash heap, he said, some from with princess and has them inherit the throne off honor for the foundations of the Earth at the Lords. On them, he has said the world. Lastly, the favor of contentment Look att which fly who satisfy your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed. Like the Eagles, we are not satisfied by having stuff. But by the goodness for the Lord. We can't be satisfied with things, but only God can satisfy us. See contentment. It's a heart issue. It is an internal one northern external, one side. It's fashion is not made possible by having stuff. Because containment is the hot issue. There's a substantial difference between happiness and joy. The word happiness comes from the Greek word Hopper and the word Peter off a rabbit from hopping place to place, finding it satisfaction. But joy comes from the inner part of our life. A few years ago, I was in Mombasa, Kenya, and I go to Kenya almost every summer to do some ministry. And I met one of the richest man in town, an Indian guy. Oh, a trucking company took me in his machetes to Hiss Palace. You're afraid to even use the battle. Everything is so meticulously arranged. And and then it took me back to his office and he looked me in the eye and he said, Ben, you see, I have everything. But I'm so empty. On. Ly, a believer in Christ, can have real joy because joy is a byproduct off our relationship with him. For a Christian, the saving grace functions as an enabling one in all situations off life and grant us contentment. The saving grace is once and for all your own needs, saving grace every time you send because it's just done beyond once. But enabling Greece this moment by moment, when only one time the apostle Paul prayed to God for his only three times, I asked Jesus to take away the thorn in my flesh and three times what it is to say. My Grace is sufficient Saving grace producers enabling grace. Contentment is a he's provided by the knowledge of God. What I mean is that there's two critical criterion. If I were to choose God, there's two things I want to know. God, I want a God whose big bigger than me because I knew. But I also want to God whose imminent I want a big God who has transcended. But I also want a God whose imminent and in Jesus Christ, you and I are so blessed because we have a God who is big enough to be worshipped but small enough to enter our world, our brokenness. Contentment is grounded by recognizing the God orchestrates life. We don't understand life. It get messy. This is I would encourage you if you battling discouragement today, go home and Reid second guardians for But the last two words is it say's Therefore we do not lose heart, though outwardly we are wasting away inwardly, we are being renewed day by day, for our light and momentary troubles are achieving us for us an eternal glory that far out Vista mall. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. But what is seen is temporary. But what is unseen is eternal. Only you and me, Orly believers in Christ, could face the worst challenges off life. With the sense of eternity Because our God knows thie end from the beginning. And our guard operates from the future to the present Heavenly Father, We are grateful to you. But to be able to call sons and daughters is nothing We helped because of your mercy. Because off your unfailing love, you are redeemed us from the darkness into the light of the knowledge of your son, the Lord Jesus. And if you're here today and you had never invited Jesus to be your shepherd, your savior. He's waiting to enter your heart. I give you a new life if you're here this morning with brokenness challenges, uncertainty. God is in control. We serve a mighty god, but bless us and users. May your name be lifted on all God's people said Amen.
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