God’s truth liberates. Right? Man’s ways shackle us to hate, anger, revenge, resentment and more brokenness and despair. Right? What is your policy for finding peace and keeping peace? When in conflict, do you know how to make peace? Do you know how to get along or do you just go along or do you just avoid? The bigger question is, does your peace policy agree with God’s peace policy?

Pastor Roger Ball

Roger is our Senior Pastor. He began attending FBC in August 1983 as an associate pastor and became Senior Pastor in November 1990. In addition to his pastoral duties at FBC, Roger also teaches in the various Masters’ and Doctoral classes at Phoenix Seminary and has served as Director of Mentoring at Phoenix Seminary. Local, national and international ministry for Roger has included school boards, compassion ministries, para-church work, conference speaking and Bible teaching. In the last couple of decades many men and women were launched into full-time ministry by FBC-Tempe through various training programs called Pastor-in-Training, Leader-in-Training and Missionary-in-Training. Any willing person can serve God. See our Mentoring Leaders web page. Roger and his wife, Dianna, have two daughters, Sharon and Sharmon. Roger is an Arizona native and enjoys carpentry, fishing and dreaming.

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